Jasmine Gregory

Jasmine Gregory

Jasmine Gregory (b. 1987, Washington DC, USA) currently lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland. In her paintings Gregory works satirically with absurd and abstracted notions of love and commodity, creating space for otherness within figuration.

Gregory’s work orbits femininities, their mannerisms, abstractions and sensations. Subjectivities are thrown askew with the use of multiple brush techniques, the strokes form visual traces of emotions that have developed into a unique visual language: soothing cloudscapes; scrapy voids; baroque still life sheen and girly doodles build to create a sugar coated chaos.

Vulnerability and humiliation play out in the fantasy of choosing what story to tell, as a contestant, as an artist. Emotions are strategized, the lens filtered, reality falls into disarray. The act of masking one’s reality echoes in the act of figuration. Both fabricate and therefore manipulate a reality for the subject. Gregory draws from a complex spectrum of reference points.  The works are loaded yet transparent. They portray fictional perspectives of now mirroring contemporary society, invoking introspection and a need to escape.

Ian Wooldridge


Jasmine Gregory
Trouble at Casa Amor
Karma International Zurich


January 2021

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