Simone Fattal: Works on Paper

Karma International celebrates the works on paper by Simone Fattal.

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Johannes Hoerning on Hans Bellmer and Haneyl Choi

The apparent tension between deconstruction and reconstruction – the former eroding standards, the latter rebuilding them – is familiar also from the discourse around justice, which questions what ought to be deconstructed, as opposed to what ought to be reconstructed to build a more just society (laws, regulations, customs, et cetera). Deconstruction and reconstruction are both answers to the ethical question what ought to be done? This question renews itself pretty much daily, to such a degree that all links to transcendental points of orientation or definitive criteria, outside of our private lives, have been cut off once and for all. While we cannot afford to leave such ethical questions unanswered philosophically, and we can afford even less to leave them unanswered politically, artistic production can pride itself on being less programmatic by simply refusing to deliver a clear message in its acts of reconstruction. It can do so, even at times of greatest danger, or so it seems.

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Caroline Minnis

September in Switzerland

While it may not be the art world’s standard fare of autumn openings, this September is still shaping up to be one full of festivity. With people coming into town for Zürich Art Weekend (or the opening of our Elisabeth Wild show AND new space!), we wanted to compile a list of different exhibitions featuring our artists all around Switzerland. Go out there, be happy to share art again, and stay healthy!

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