Jasmine Gregory b. 1987


Jasmine Gregory (b. 1987, Washington DC, USA) currently lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland. In her practice Gregory works satirically with absurd and abstracted notions of love and commodity, creating space for otherness within figuration. Through painting, sculpture, and installation, the artist explores the tensions of artistic production within a narrative system on the dominant values, symbols of hierarchy, and power that permeate the social space. 

Jasmine Gregory’s artistic practice serves as a satirical exploration of aesthetic discourses, art production, commodification, intergenerational wealth, and inheritance. 

Vulnerability and humiliation play out in the fantasy of choosing what story to tell, as a contestant, as an artist. Emotions are strategized, the lens filtered, reality falls into disarray. The act of masking one’s reality echoes in the act of figuration. Both fabricate and therefore manipulate a reality for the subject. 

Her paintings and sculptures are rich in historical references, inspired by a critical and, at times, sarcastic reflection on painting as a contemporary artistic medium. 

Her painterly ability and style switch between academicism and amateurism, highly stylized and playful, dark and comedic to create unconventional relationships within the composition that challenge and critique the traditional discourse of painting. 


Solo exhibitions include A Little Newer, A Little Better, A Little Sooner Than Necessary, SOPHIE TAPPEINER, Vienna (2023), Heirlooms, Kings Leap, New York City (2022), Mommie Dearest, Istituto Svizzero, Milan (2022), Home Improvements, Park View / Paul Soto, Brussels (2021), Trouble at Casa Amor, Karma International, Zurich (2020). 

Recently, her work has been included in group shows held at Fitzpatrick Gallery, Paris (2023), Karma International, Zurich, Centre D’Art Contemporain, Geneve, Kunsthalle Fri Art, Fribourg (2022). 

In 2023 Jasmine Gregory has been nominated as a finalist for the Swiss Art Awards.

Jasmine Gregory has two upcoming solo exhibitions at Martina Simeti in Milan and CAPC Musée d’Art Contemporain de Bordeaux in the fall of 2023, along with a group exhibition at Soft Opening in LA and London