Martín Soto Climént b. 1977

Martin Soto Climent (b. 1977 in Mexico, DF) lives and works in Tepoztlan, Mexico. In his work he recontextualizes found material into surrealist-inspired poetic objects. Lampshades, hats, spoons or gloves carry the history and meaning of their previous life but at the same time are transformed into magical arrangements of immense beauty.
Utilizing strategies of appropriation and assemblage Soto Climent rearranges his material with a delicate touch and poetic wit. His Tights on Canvas have become a seminal work series and capture the essence of how the artist plays with recontextualisation, conveying intimate and erotic subtones while challenging the traditional media of painting and sculpture. Similarly, in his photography Soto Climent uses images from old magazines and by folding, bending, distorting the pages creates new imagery that is filled with subtones of nostalgia and the notion that life and death form an inseparable cycle.
In 2013 Soto Climent founded the independent project space Lulu together with curator Chris Sharp in Mexico City. He’s had solo shows at Palais de Tokyo, Paris, Hassel Museum New York and Kunstmuseum Morsbroich, such as group shows at Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Zurich, Kunsthalle Vienna, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, amongst others.