Alex Becerra USA, b. 1989


Alex Becerra (b. 1989, Piru, California, USA) lives and works in Los Angeles. Working in painting, drawing, and sculpture, he explores the way we view modernity, often chopped up into bits and sliced together.

Rooted in the deep history of Modern European painting, specifically influenced by German Neo-Expressionism, Becerra has an unparalleled ability in maneuvering oil paint as he layers it on in thick, sweeping lines of impasto raised inches off the canvas. His thoughtful compositions incorporate all classical types of painting from self-portraiture and the female nude to still life and genre scenes, all dotted with recurring context-specific objects like beer bottles and car rims.

Seemingly quotidian, these symbols carry personal significance relating to his adolescence in Southern California and subsequent entrance into the international world of art. In this way, Becerra’s highly referential work bears a distinct aesthetic and energetic vibrancy unique to the artist.