Emanuel Rossetti b. 1987

Emanuel Rossetti (b. 1987, Basel, CH) lives and works in Basel, CH. In his multimedia practice, he materializes connectivity and interdependence by manipulating space and perception.
Rossetti activates both physical spaces and visual planes into synthetic environments which serve as stages upon which things are exposed—either the viewer in one of his contextual installations or explicitly without the viewer in one of his closed-loop images. Employing different mediums and temporalities, Rossetti utilises technological means to construct these, using digital photography and drawing, and mass-produced materials, their banality lending itself to the digitized universality crafted around us. When his work does touch upon the representational, it comes in the form of digital artifact—3-D drawings of surrealistically hyper-realistic objects like silver metal scissors and abstracted donuts posited atop photographs of seemingly anonymous locations associated with a larger legacy, showing how a multitude of images and illusions can be reused fittingly across infinite contexts.
Rossetti’s ability of displaying elements accurately and unerringly within a space echoes his longtime curatorial practice as one of the founders of the independent showroom New Jerseyy in Basel. Rossetti studied photography at the University of Zürich and received the Swiss Art Award in 2014. He has had shows at Kunsthalle Bern, The Power Station, Dallas, Kunsthalle Basel, The Modern Institute, Glasgow, Arnolfini, Bristol, and The Hepworth, Wakefield.