Mélanie Matranga b. 1985

Mélanie Matranga (b. 1985 in Marseille, France) lives and works in Paris. Her all-encompassing installations and tactile sculptures can be read as “emotional structures” that invite the viewers to fully immerse themselves.
Her sculptures draw from architecture, design, kink culture and often involve the music the artist  likes to listen to in her studio. Her installations create moods, invitations to linger and touch, even to hang out. Through instagram quotes, smokers’ lounges and t-shirts tied using BDSM shibari techniques, Matranga often refers to different aspects of  youth culture and their signifiers. Her videos are loosely scripted narrations starring her Parisian artist friends, seemingly allowing the viewer a glimpse into a typically insular circle and its underlying social codes, without ever shattering their enigmatic aura.
Matranga has had solo shows at Palais de Tokyo, and Villa Vassilieff in Paris and at Studio Indipendenza in Rome, amongst others. She’s shown at Astrup Fearnley museum, Oslo, LUMA foundation, Zurich and Dortmunder Kunstverein.