David Hominal b. 1976

David Hominal (b. 1976, Évian, France) lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Utilizing painting, drawing, collage, performance and video he relentlessly questions the possibilities and limitations of creating art in the 21st Century. 
Using his broad knowledge of art history as a foundation, Hominal builds on the legacy of his idols while simultaneously deconstructing and even destroying them. Horizontal and vertical lines, applied over and over again in different variations refer back to Piet Mondrian’s programmatic attempt to “express general beauty with the utmost awareness” by resisting the urge of adding much more than a line. These abstractions have been a staple in Hominals practice and stand in contrast to figurative paintings which depict classic scenes like the still life or the landscape such as repeatedly the motif of the window: a threshold between the inside and the outside.
Hominal often refers to musical scores and creates paintings with rhythm and melody, just like a composition.David Hominal has had solo shows at the Consortium de Dijon, Le Magasin, Grenoble, Centre d’Art Contemporain in Geneva, Centre culturel Suisse in Paris and Musée des Beaux Arts in Lausanne. Such as group presentations at the New Museum in New York, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, FRI ART in Fribourg, Kunsthalle Bern, Kunsthaus Zurich, and others.