Ida Ekblad: ReCollect!

Kunsthaus Zürich, Zurich, CH
From September 1st 2023

Ida Ekblad and Matias Faldbakken will participate in ReCollect!, a new project which invites contemporary artists to curate parts of the Kunsthaus Zurich's permanent collection. In presenting the museum's collection in dialogue with their own works the artists aim to question and reshape the established canon. For Re-Collect!, Ekblad and Faldbakken will collaborate for the first time, creating a joint installation in which they interpret selected works from Kunsthaus' collection, as seen through their own artistic practice. Their gestures open up new perspectives on the way the holdings are displayed and bring the work of women artists into focus. Alongside Ekblad and Faldbakken, Peruvian artist Daniela Ortiz and the Swiss collective Hulda Zwingli have also been invited to participate in the series. 


Kunsthaus Zürich

August 24, 2023