September in Switzerland

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While it may not be the art world’s standard fare of autumn openings, this September is still shaping up to be one full of festivity. With people coming into town for Zürich Art Weekend (or the opening of our Elisabeth Wild show AND new space!), we wanted to compile a list of different exhibitions featuring our artists all around Switzerland. Go out there, be happy to share art again, and stay healthy!


Come by the gallery to see our Elisabeth Wild exhibition, curated by Adam Szyzmyk, and our new Showspace with works from Judith Bernstein, Ida Ekblad, Sylvie Fleury, Meret Oppenheim, Pamela Rosenkranz, Emanuel Rossetti, Xanti Schawinsky, Ser Serpas and Vivian Suter. For Zürich Art Weekend we have special hours:

Friday, September 11, 12 – 8 pm
Saturday, September 12, 12 – 6 pm
Sunday, September 13, 12 – 6 pm


Kunsthalle Zürich

Pamela RosenkranzSummer of Suspense, July 12 -September 13, 2020

Over the course of the show’s seven weeks, the show will continue to change and grow, in unpredictable and perhaps unexpected ways. Pamela Rosenkranz’s work of clavicle bones atop a plastic sheet reflecting a green spotlight, probes at the structural importance of the bone as it connects birds to their wings. Watch curator Daniel Baumann give a walk-through of the exhibition for Vernissage TV (in German with English subtitles).

Kunsthaus Zürich

Xanti SchawinskySmoke and Mirrors: The Roaring Twenties, June 16 – October 11, 2020

With contributions from fellow Bauhäusler Albers, Kandinsky, Maholy, and Feiniger, as well as Xanti’s New York-era pal and chess partner, Marcel Duchamp, the frenetic energy of that exciting and tumultuous time runs through the exhibition space. 



Emanuel Rossetti – Showtime Liste Poster Installation, September 2 – 15, 2020

After Liste’s cancellation, their team put together a project of artists’ posters to be hung throughout the city entitled Rewriting Our Imaginations; works made “when normal life was disrupted and what had previously existed only as an imagination became real.” Emanuel Rossetti’s poster Walks features an array of photographs, self-contained spheres of a different time and place. The poster will be available for purchase as a pdf from September through Liste’s online shop at


Emanuel Rossetti PALAZZINA #08, September 17 – October 11, 2020

As with the Liste project above, this show featuring Emanuel Rossetti is a part of programming by the Swiss Art Prize, who awarded awarded Emanuel earlier this year. If you can make it, the vernissage will take place Wednesday, 16th Sept 2020, 6pm – 10pm. Alongside Rosetti’s piece will be works from Caroline Bachmann, Chloé Delarue, Natacha Donzé, Camille Lacroix, Kaspar Ludwig, Dominic Michel, and Grégory Sugnaux.

Weiss Falk

Urban ZellwegerWatercoulours Chapter I, June 27 – September 20, 2020

At Basel’s Weiss Falk gallery a show entirely of water colors has been assembled with work from our own Urban Zellweger, as well as Ella Mathys, Daniele Milvio, Emily Sundblad, David Weiss, and Amelie von Wulffen.

“What if you stayed still so long you turned into a tree? Like you’re waiting for a taxi, you want to catch a last-minute flight, but no car comes and planes aren’t flying and you can’t go anywhere so you start to sprout, grow roots. Life takes over. More water, less control. Urban Zellweger uses a lot of liquid in his watercolors on paper and to thin the paint in his works on canvas. His works carry their washedoutness with grace. Taking water as a subject matter as well, he imagines it as the source of transformations. Zellweger started working with tree imagery about a year ago. His trunks are usually in some stage of germination from humanness, still wearing jeans or a sweater like a vestige of a former state. For a while now, he has been interested in metamorphosis, through the classic transformative figure of the butterfly, for instance.” – Press release, Tenzing Barshee & Camila McHugh


Muzeum Susch

Sylvie FleuryEvelyne Axell: Body Double, August 1 – December 6, 2020

In this solo exhibition of the late Evelyne Axell, curators Anke Kempkes and Krzysztof Kościuczuk give this pioneering Pop artist a proper retrospective. Sylvie Fleury’s installation Marcel et Robert  presents a “cross-generational iconographic dialogue with Axell’s work. The rotating disk forming the base of Fleury’s work is designed as a giant Pop-coloured target mirroring the concentric composition in Axell’s painting The Wall of Sound (1966).” 

Hotell Castell

Ida EkbladCastell Art Weekend, September 25 – 27, 2020

Hotel Castell, nestled in the mountains of Zuoz, offers incredible art experiences with their collection and Art Weekends program. As a part of the event, you can get to know our artist Ida Ekblad, who will be staying at the hotel and available for personal socializing in addition to Kunsthalle Zürich’s Daniel Baumann, and the Swiss-French artist Julian Charrière.


Kunsthaus Glarus

Carissa RodriguezIm Volksgarden, September 5 – November 29, 2020

As a part of the exhibition, Im Volksgarten, Carissa Rodriguez presents her 2018 video work, The Maid. The multi-channel video, projected on each side of a free-standing screen, shows the story of glass egg sculptures made by the artist Sherrie Levine. Other artists in the show are Olivia Ali, Tobias Kaspar, Rachal Bradley, Trisha Donnelly, Richard Frater, Julia Scher, and Bea Schlingelhoff. 

“Ownership will be shown in the upcoming exhibition Im Volksgarten, understood beyond the object and turned back into space: it is about forms of taking possession of space, about fetishization and desire. How do objects and things change their status when they come to the museum? How do these things seduce us? How important is the private and the intimate in this public sphere? But also: What social or political-public meanings do we associate with the museum?”


Geneva Biennale

Ida Ekblad, Markus Oehlen, Ser SerpasSculpture Garden Biennale, July 2 – September 30, 2020

In the Geneva Biennale’s sculpture garden you will find works from three of our artists. From Ida Ekblad is one of her octopus benches, a candy-striped seat of whimsy. Markus Oehlen’s cheeky bronze sculpture, Das Pferd (1994), reduces a horse to a simplified shape with a ridged texture like rope wrapped around then coated in acrylic. Crafted from materials found on the streets of Geneva, Ser Serpas’s sculpture was made specifically for the biennale. Lara Morell interviewed Ser about the project for My Art Guides.


Kunstmuseum Luzern

Pamela RosenkranzAlles echt! Werke aus der Sammlung, – November 11, 2020

With an impressive list of artists from the museums permanent collection including Joseph Beuys, Richard long, and Sturtevant, this exhibition explores the “phenomena of imitation, emulation, copy and repetition.”


Kunstmuseum Bern

David HominalThings Fall Apart: Swiss Art from Böcklin to Vallotton, September 15 – February 14, 2021

“The Kunstmuseum Bern is showing around 200 works from its collection from the perspective of Sigmund Freud’s text in which he speaks of three major humiliations of the human narcissism in the course of recent history. Alongside masterpieces by Arnold Böcklin, Ferdinand Hodler, Albert Anker, Adolf Wölfli and Félix Vallotton, the extensive exhibition of pieces from the collection also includes works by women artists who have so far received less attention, such as Annie Stebler-Hopf and Clara von Rappard.” – Press release

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