Ser Serpas: Minor Rationalism

Ser Serpas

Group show

Baader-Meinhof, Omaha NE, USA

21 June – 21 August 2021

This exhibition is linked together by a loose thread, which connects artists in what would have been called “subcultural” or “counter-cultural” in a previous time. Today, I will be calling this loose thread “minor.” The Deleuzian minor is best explained with his expression “becoming-minor”. The minority lacks a people. Kafka had no home: he was a German-speaking Czech Jew. The artists in this exhibition are what Liam Gillick has called in Erasmus is Late as “not at the center of power, but central to power”. Secondary characters, which are willfully obscure or willfully supplemental to a traditional career or whatever narratives one crafts with traditional artist biography. The “minor” is related to the Deleuzian “middle ground”.


Image: Ser Serpas

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