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Pamela Rosenkranz: PUSH THE LIMITS

Pamela Rosenkranz
Group show
Fondazione Merz, Turin
07 September 2020 – 31 January 2021

PUSHTHE LIMITS is a project that investigates how art takes itself to the limit to move the horizon of thinking, perception and speech ever further in order to introduce new elements; to say yes or no when “normality” falters; to highlight what is proposed in the present and to prevent a situation of merely treading water.

The artists we have invited and who have generously accompanied us even during the lockdown period take this opportunity to reaffirm the urgency of unleashing the infinity of possibles.



Pamela Rosenkranz

Amazon Spirits (Green Blood), 2018

Chair, cardboard box, transparent foil, LED projector, Amazon Echo smart speaker, sound

Photo credit: Marc Asekhame

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