Meret Oppenheim, Carissa Rodriguez: The Flames. The Living Art of Ceramics

Meret Oppenheim / Carissa Rodriguez
Group show
Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris, Paris
Curated by Anne Dressen
15 October 2021 – 06 February 2022

This exhibition will explore ceramics within its intrinsic relations to art but also, more broadly, to humanity. Ceramics is one of the oldest form of human artistic expression. It has been utilized in the production and reproduction of idols, architecture, and food, employing minerals that precede mankind. Many religions and myths regarding the creation of man are believed to have originated from mud. Ceramics—halfway between handicraft, art, and design—is a universal form that forces us toreconsider the categories that usually hierarchize the arts. It is a medium that integrates sculptural, pictorial, utilitarian, craft,industrial, and amateur dimensions. It is also aprocess based practice that can be seen through the lens of relational aesthetics and performative arts


Carissa Rodriguez

La Collectionneuse, 2015

16.5 x 12 cm


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