Karma International was founded by Marina Olsen and Karolina Dankow in 2009.

After two years of non-commercial curatorial activity, Karma International transitioned into a commercial space to better represent the artists of the original program: Pamela Rosenkranz, Ida Ekblad, Martin Soto Climent, and Emanuel Rossetti, were, among others, in this core group of artists that also reflected the founder’s generation. Later seminal artists of other generations were added, like Vivian Suter, Judith Bernstein, and Keiichi Tanaami, such as the Estates of Meret Oppenheim, of Xanti Schwainsky, and Elisabeth Wild. The gallery regularly particpates in the world’s leading art fairs such as Art Basel,  Art Basel Hong Kong, FIAC, and FRIEZE Los Angeles.

Meret Oppenheim’s fountain
Bronze (cast in 2006)
240 x 180 x 180 cm
94 7/16 x 70 13/16 x 70 13/16 inch
Edition 6/6 + 2 E.A.

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