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A message from Martin Soto Climent

Martin Soto Climent May 22, 2020 0 comments

My dearest! 

So nice to hear from you. 

Makes me very happy. 

I also keep you in my thoughts. 



I’m doing very well. Enjoying life and work as never before! I’m living in the present! My mind is focused on what I have in front of me, and I feel rested. 


It’s exhausting to have our minds full all the  time jumping from here to there… running in other places where we are connected. 

I know you know! 



My work suddenly becomes a labor of finding solutions for shows, pieces, trips…etc, in advance. 


And then jumping back to the present! Because the quality of an artwork comes from that loving attention in the precise moment… full time! Like raising a child! I’m sure you know better than me now! 

And it’s complicated to be in both. 



So, I’m very happy… doing a completely new series of works, enjoying the process… my days… having time to meditate and stretch my body!

We are dealing very well with the family dynamics. Kid full time home… doing handicraft projects every day… we all feel good!

What else can I ask for. 


I feel very privileged! Proud of many decisions in my life, and grateful to the universal source for what comes and goes… for each loving person that is close to me. 


Like you now! And since so long! 


I deeply appreciate your loving thoughts! I hold them as a treasure. 




Holding you in my heart with all my love.


Hoping you and your loved ones are all well. 



Abrazo grande!!


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